Flatirons HD Ultrasound LLC required policies:

New mommies looking to utilize our Ultrasound services are required to have been previously seen by their healthcare provider and undergone all medical screenings, a diagnostic ultrasound to confirm their due date, screen for fetal anomalies, and to diagnose any other pregnancy related issues. All new mommies must be at least 18 or older and provide proof with a valid government ID. 

*We include a limited non-diagnostic scan to confirm the gender, number of babies, baby’s presentation, placental location and measure the heart rate. Please note, at no time is this exam to be used in place of a complete diagnostic ultrasound. We are in no way liable for incorrect gender reveals or other ultrasounds performed or any other related liability. 

To learn about Ultrasound safety follow these links:


All ultrasound services we perform assume that you have adhered to the aforementioned "Flatirons HD Ultrasound LLC policies". By utilizing any of our services you are automatically agreeing to the above mentioned policies.

For details, contact us at: WeCare@FlatironsHDUltrasound.com

PLEASE NOTE:  We are not a medical facility and can provide no medical advice, prescriptions or recommendations of any kind.  Contact your primary care physician/doctor for medical information regarding your pregnancy. 

Contact us here for any concerns prior to your initial visit.


Package Promotions Disclaimer:

+Entry into 60 Day special Giveaway Basket, sign up in store to register .*****

Rules. Free giveaway for all new or previous guests who have obtained a 3d elective ultrasound at flatirons hd ultrasound lLC Within the giveaway period. chances based on total entries received. Offer requires guest to fill out form required for drawing. drawing picked randomly at flatirons hd ultrasound lLC discretion with no recourse for re-draw. 1 giveaway issued per every 2 month period. to be eligible to receive giveaway , winner must be at least 18 years or older. Flatirons HD Ultrasound LLC is in no way liable for any potential legal liability related to this free giveaway whatsoever. Flatirons HD Ultrasound is in no way liable for any legal responsibilities related to our partners products, sales estimates, use, or improper use. Flatirons hd ultrasound LLC reserves the right to cancel this promotion without notice.

+Up to $325 of extras from our partners+ Baby's Tote Gift. ****

Items given are estimated in value based of our partners discretion. Partners are as follows; the leading baby formula manufacturer and supplier. due to advertising constraints, we cannot list this partner online. Free extras values are purely based on the undisclosed retail estimates and will be subject to all local and federal taxation. all taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner. Flatirons HD Ultrasound is in no way liable for any legal responsibilities related to our partners products, sales estimates, use, or improper use. While supplies last.

+Add Gender Determination for Only $10***

gender determination is not 100% guaranteed as occasionally factors such as baby's position, placental location, or umbilical cord location can hinder visibility. we always offer a 2nd visit free of charge for the same pregnancy to retry the gender determination. Our gender determination may not be used in place of a medical diagnostic examination. Flatirons hd ultrasound lLC is not liable for any costs, problems, or legal liability arising from an incorrect gender determination.

+10% Discount on Future HD Ultrasounds**

10% Discount is only for the same current pregnancy and cannot be used for any future pregnancies.

+Baby Cloud File-share (Upon Request)*

All baby cloud files sharing services are only valid for the period of time disclosed for each individual package. all guest are allowed to download their files within their discretionary period. flatirons hd ultrasound lLC does not offer any file sharing services beyond the times per package specified and cannot guarantee future file access.

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We will make your visit memorable as it should be. If you've been less than satisfied at another HD Ultrasound provider, bring a dated ultrasound photo within 2 weeks and we will perform another HDLive Ultrasound for you at 50% off. Check out our Brand New Spa-Like office with two High Definition 4k Screens and Plenty of Room for the whole Family. Let us wow you!

****Discounted Appointments must be on a weekday Tuesday-Thursday before 5:00pm. If you've received a full refund we will still honor 25% in lieu of the 50% off. This offer cannot be combined with other offers. Facility must be within 50 miles of Denver Colorado. Photo presented must be from current pregnancy and dated.

Terms of Service:

By choosing to utilize any of our services, you are automatically accepting our terms of service. You hereby release, acquit, holds harmless and forever discharges Flatirons HD Ultrasound LLC, its staff, agents and employees, from any and all matters of foreseen or unforeseen claims, demands, damages, actions, or causes of actions by the you individually and/or on the behalf of the fetus(es), resulting from any ultrasound imaging performed at Flatirons HD Ultrasound LLC.

You understand accepting our terms of service you, hereby, acknowledge and agree the ultrasound services and imaging provided at Flatirons HD Ultrasound are not medical procedures and are not offered as a medical treatment or diagnosis in any manner. Further, the ultrasound services and imaging are not for the purposes of determining or to be used in the future to determine the health status of the fetus(es) and you the mother or the well being of the undersigned mother or fetus(es) at this time, during the pregnancy or at the birth of the fetus(es).

Further, you acknowledge and agree that the ultrasound services and images are for entertainment purposes only and are not to be used at any time for the purposes of any medical diagnosis, treatment or care of the fetus(es) or mother.

You further declare that you the client obtaining ultrasound services, are already under the care of a qualified physician regarding her pregnancy at the time of the ultrasound services and imaging. You agree and acknowledge that under no conditions will Flatirons HD Ultrasound LLC, its staff, agents, or employees, be held liable or accountable for any consequences of any known or unknown medical condition of the mother and the fetus(es) or for failure to diagnose, treat or inform said undersigned of any known or unknown medical conditions, risks or problems regarding the undersigned mother and fetus(es).

Further, you agree and acknowledge that no guarantee can be made or has been made at the time of the imaging as to the picture or video quality and/or content of the imaging due to circumstances beyond the control of Flatirons HD Ultrasound LLC, its staff, agents and employees, including, but not limited to the position of the fetus(es), position of the placenta or position of the internal organs of the mother.

If the technician deems beneficial, and you qualify by being in the recommended gestation for your session choice, the undersigned may be brought back for ONE rescan session at no charge within 10 DAYS of initial appointment. If at that time the position of the fetus(es) impedes on the quality of images, all further rescan sessions are at a cost of 10% off a standard session pricing. Rescan sessions vary in length from 5 to 15 minutes. As we provide a service, not a product, refunds will not be granted for any circumstances listed above, or for circumstances out of our control.

Flatirons HD Ultrasound, LLC, its employees, agents, or staff attempts to retain backup files of ultrasound images and/or video for you.  We are not responsible for damages to digital storage devices once you leave the premises or the expiration of a video/picture link.  We do offer to provide a copy of images or video onto a thumb drive, if available, for a research fee of $15.  

NO SHOW policy.  We understand things happen and you may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.  We ask for 24 hour notice.  If you do not give us notice or confirm your appointment within 24 hours, we will a reschedule your appointment to assure we have a full schedule. 

Furthermore, taking any action on our site or at our physical location, such as online booking, phone booking, email booking, SMS booking, or use of any of our services at our physical location will automatically act as a binding legal agreement between you and Flatirons HD Ultrasound LLC that you indeed agree to our terms of service.

By continuing to make any of the aforementioned actions, you understand and agree to the aforementioned terms of service and you certify that you have carefully read and understand this liability waiver and release.