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Welcome to Flatirons HD Ultrasound, conveniently located in Erie, Colorado near Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Longmont, Broomfield and Denver. Here, our experienced staff know the importance of providing an exceptional ultrasound experience and will always assure that you get the very best first view of your of your baby.

Matrix HD 3D 4D Ultrasound

Matrix HD 3D 4D Ultrasound

We understand that many mothers may experience some anxiety about what's to come, so we in turn created a soothing environment to assure that each of our guests leave with all their memories conveniently digitized. By combining the most advanced ultrasound technology with traditional techniques, we give our guests the very best experience.

We hope you schedule an appointment with us and see your baby for the first time!

~Amka Yura + Zach B, founders


Flatirons HD Ultrasound is a family-owned and operated local business. 


Amka Yura, Founder + COO and Mom

Having a Mongolian heritage, I grew up in the biggest city in Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. I always embraced my Mongolian heritage, culture, and had at that time always dreamed of traveling the world. Life wasn’t easy but it was good.

Our family never had much in the way of money or material things, but we always made the most of what we had. We had an amazingly loving family and most of all, huge aspirations, hopes, and dreams for our future. My memories of growing up in Mongolia always bring about a sense of wonderment and lasting nostalgia. I will always cherish my childhood memories.

Years later, after lots of hard work, a little educational achievement, and a strong desire to grow and learn, I was presented with an amazing opportunity. Based on educational success, I was granted a Mongolian Foreign Exchange visa to travel and study in the United States. My goal was to work in the medical field. It was always my dream.

After arriving in the United States, my life went into overdrive and a strayed from my intended course. I got married, became a US citizen (legitimately;), built a career in business administration and fashion retail management. Unfortunately, I never got my opportunity to study medicine professionally.

I had achieved so much and was relatively happy with my successes. That being said, I just was not ready to settle. While I loved how each and every experience allowed me to learn and grow, I never felt fulfilled. I still wanted to study medicine in some capacity. This is about the time when I decided to enter the field of elective prenatal ultrasonography. I studied, trained, learned advanced ultrasound applications, and became a professional in my field. Then, soon after some careful planning, we started our company, Flatirons HD Ultrasound.

While we primarily provide 3D 4D HD Ultrasound services, we also have plans to provide many other services such as; free prenatal vitamins, genetics informational services, women's health newsletters, free access to pregnancy support centers, and much more.

So, now you know the whole story.......

Welcome to Flatirons HD Ultrasound!