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Whether it’s a gender ultrasound determination or high definition ultrasound to see your baby’s face, you can expect a superior experience. We truly believe in providing a higher level of caring, image quality, and service. Experience the Flatirons Ultrasound difference.

Additionally, we are also one of the only Elective Ultrasound centers in Colorado to offer the exceptional imaging quality of the current technology, the GE E10 ultrasound machine as well as the Next Generation of HDLive and Matrix Array HD Probe Technology.

On a side not, many competitors still use older GE E8 equipment. In comparison, the image clarity the GE E10 provides is unparalleled. It is the newest model and that makes a difference. We can provide not only the very best pricing but also superior imaging technology. They can match our price but not our quality!

What is 4D Matrix HD? Watch this…

HDLive Matrix HD Ultrasound Image

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An exceptional experience. At Flatirons HD Ultrasound you are not a guest, you are family. We sincerely care about each and every one of our visitors. Are you ready to get a glimpse into your future?  We are here to provide you with an exceptional experience.

Why families choose us:

We don’t just provide an ultrasound, we provide an unrivaled guest experience. We care about our customers in a way that is special, different, and truly caring. See why our guests/family rated us the best elective prenatal 3d ultrasound in Colorado on Google.

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Enjoy a Spa-like relaxed environment:

We understand this is a magical time for you and your family and that everything needs to be perfect. We have created a soothing environment where you and your family can share this special experience together in comfort with large 4k screens all around. Our Spa-like office is designed to help you truly enjoy your baby’s first viewing in luxury and comfort.

Cutting edge ultrasound technology:

We use the highest quality ultrasound equipment currently available, the GE Voluson Series E10 which provides unrivaled clarity and anatomical realism by utilizing advanced lighting features. This 2nd Generation of HDLive technology feature’s an unprecedented advanced skin illuminating and shadowing technique and coupled with the Matrix Array HD Probe technology, imaging is unrivaled by any other manufacturer. The Voluson E10 Series is considered to be the best currently available and we want only the best for our mommies.

Adherence to obstetric guidelines:

While we are not a medical facility, our ultrasound technologists are fully trained and experienced. Our ultrasound procedure guidelines strictly adhere to the most current prenatal obstetric guidelines to assure not only a safe examination, but also an amazing view into your womb. Keep in mind, the ultrasound services we provide are purely for entertainment purposes and cannot be used in place of a diagnostic ultrasound.