4d 3d ultrasound Denver, Colorado’s Top Rated on Google! Proudly, we are the only 280+ Google Reviews 5-Star Rated 3D 4D HD Prenatal Ultrasound center in Colorado.

Whether it’s a gender ultrasound determination or high definition ultrasound to see your baby’s face, you can expect a superior experience by choosing Flatirons Ultrasound. We truly believe in providing a higher level of caring, image quality, and service. Experience the Flatirons Ultrasound difference.

Additionally, we are also one of the only Elective Ultrasound centers in Colorado to offer the exceptional imaging quality of a GE E10 and The Next Generation of HDLive and Matrix Array HD Probe Technology. With this new technology, the image clarity we offer is unrivaled and unparalleled by any of our competitors, guaranteed.

HDLive Matrix HD Ultrasound Image

“Capture the First Lovely Images”

At Flatirons HD Ultrasound you will receive...

An exceptional elective HD ultrasound experience. At Flatirons HD Ultrasound you are not a guest, you are family. We sincerely care about each and every one of our vistors. Are you ready to get a glimpse into your future?  We are here to provide you with an exceptional experience. Read more about the services we provide. 

Enjoy a Spa-like relaxed environment:

We at FHDU understand this is a magical time for you and your family and that everything needs to be perfect. We have created a soothing environment where you and your family can share this special experience together in front of  large 4K flatscreens. Our Spa-like office is designed to help you truly enjoy your baby’s first viewing in luxury and comfort.

Cutting edge ultrasound technology:

We use the highest quality ultrasound equipment currently available. The GE E10 is the industry leader in ultrasound technology. Developed in Austria, the GE Voluson Series provides unrivaled clarity and anatomical realism by utilizing advanced lighting features. This 2nd Generation of HDLive technology feature’s an unprecedented advanced skin illuminating and shadowing technique and coupled with the Matrix Array HD Probe technology, imaging is unrivaled by any other manufacturer. The Voluson E10 Series is considered to be the best currently available and we want only the best for our mommies.

Adherence to obstetric guidelines:

While we are not a medical facility, our ultrasound technologists are fully trained and experienced. Our ultrasound procedure guidelines strictly adhere to the most current prenatal obstetric guidelines to assure not only a safe examination, but also an amazing view into your womb. Keep in mind, the ultrasound services we provide are purely for entertainment purposes and cannot be used in place of a diagnostic ultrasound.

Do we accept Insurance or Medicaid?

We are an elective ultrasound center and do not accept Insurance or Medicaid. We are an elective ultrasound center and cannot not provide any diagnostic data. That being said, we are significantly less expensive than most typical medical center ultrasound services was well. Our base prices at most range at most $79-$199. That is significantly less than most medical providers.

Strengthening the mother baby bond:

Many studies have proven that 3D 4D ultrasound significantly improves the mother baby bond. Being able to clearly visualize your unborn baby in great detail brings about powerful emotions. Expect to feel immense emotions of happiness, love, and euphoria. 

Acquiring the best imaging possible:

We are committed to helping you get the best glimpse into your wonderful future. Sometimes your baby might not be positioned properly to allow for the very best imaging. Whether it be a baby face image or 14 week gender reveal, we will always honor a second visit within two weeks free of charge if the gestational stage allows.

The quality will depend on each individual and can differ greatly as this isn’t a photo shoot, yet we always try to assure the very best images. A healthy diet and hydration can play a major roll in imaging quality as well as the baby’s position. Drink lots of water in the days or weeks leading up to your appointment.

When can we determine a Baby’s Gender?

As soon as 9 weeks with SneakPeek Clinical Gender Blood Test. Curious about SneakPeek, check out their site here: https://sneakpeektest.com/early-clinical-baby-gender-blood-test/

As soon as 14 weeks with ultrasound. Many medical factors can effect our ability to determine gender. We rarely have problems acquiring an accurate gender image.

Second complimentary visit within 2 weeks if we are enable to any Acquire Image:

We will provide a secondary 15 minute visit free of charge if we are unable to acquire an image. We believe in your total satisfaction!

Why families choose us:

We don’t just provide an ultrasound, we provide an unrivaled guest experience. We care about our customers in a way that is special, different, and truly caring. See why our guests/family rated Flatirons HD the best elective prenatal HD Ultrasound in Denver on Google. But don’t take our word for it, read what our guests are saying on Google. Click Here to Read our Google Reviews. Our Online Reviews are Un-Incentivized and 100% Legitimate. They are real families that have utilized our services!